Michael Jones, Inspiring Philosophy

This book is a great tool to use when you are confronted with the claim that Christianity is a misogynistic religion. David addresses any verse a critic could bring up and provides you with valuable context that demonstrates the Bible actually promotes equality and respect for women. If you want to study the biblical view of women, this book is a great place to start.

Matthew Vander Els, Founded in Truth Ministries

In his book, Is God A Misogynist?, Wilber’s direct and to-the-point approach makes this a must-have companion for any church pastoral staff, teacher, or even layperson. Wilber’s ability to confront objections to the Bible regarding the topics of gender, sex, and marriage with well-articulated arguments equips the reader to defend the text with a clear understanding. I genuinely think this is not only an edifying work but also an essential resource for any believer in this day and age.

Jon Sherman, 119 Ministries

Modern feminists, through a faulty interpretation of select biblical passages, regularly and relentlessly paint the Christian faith as part of the problem in the scope of gender inequality. In his book, Wilber not only brilliantly exposes such interpretive error but also demonstrates how the Bible is the most ancient source that actually promotes gender rights and equality. Wilber’s book is a refreshing relief from the common confusion that is often thoughtlessly regurgitated in modern feminist circles.

Matt Hoffmann, Freedom Hill Community

Amidst the ever-evolving cultural perception of a woman’s value, it is imperative that we know who is truly championing the cause— Christianity or modern, secular feminism? David Wilber delivers a carefully substantiated, biblically secure resource demonstrating the God of Israel’s advocacy for women.

Tyler Dawn Rosenquist, Author & Speaker

The history of women within both Judaism and Christianity was meant by our God to be joyful, dignified, and fulfilling. Sadly, too many men, ignorant of the historical context of Scripture and imprisoned by the prejudices of their day, have read their own worldviews into the text and recreated God and the Bible in their own image. Modern feminism, rooted in much pain and anger, is the unintended yet inevitable consequence of a system that has perpetuated one of the results of the fall—man’s domination over women instead of the originally designed partnership—as an ideal to be legalistically lived out instead of just one more curse “finished” at the Cross. It is my prayer that David’s book will reach deep into some damaged souls and reveal the tender love of God to those who have inadvertently been laboring against Him on both sides.

J.K. McKee, Messianic Apologetics

We live in a day and age when accusations are being made by many women, that the Bible is responsible for abuse against them, and in keeping down their gifts and talents. Many of us in our spiritual and religious experiences have encountered male pastors, teachers, and other leaders, who have used their interpretation of the Scriptures to abuse women and treat them as inferior. Too many, rather than reevaluating some traditional views of passages and issues in the Bible, which have been used to demean women, have decided instead that the Bible is the problem.

Thankfully, David Wilber has decided that the Bible is not the problem; instead the problem is with common interpretations and applications of the Bible, which need to be reconsidered. I am highly appreciative of how he approaches the issues of the creation of man and woman in God’s image, Ancient Near Eastern background involving instructions given to Ancient Israel, and the honor and respect shown by Yeshua the Messiah to His female disciples. The difficult issues encountered in the Pauline materials are also addressed.

Is God a Misogynist? is not an arduous read. It is a necessary starting place for many people in the broad Messianic and/or Hebrew/Hebraic Roots world, to consider whether or not God considers females to be the inferiors of males. Wilber is to lauded for affirming that males and females are equal, are to be given the same respect and honor, and are to co-lead together.

I wish Wilber the best, and that this book can be used for positive change among the people within our faith community!

Tom Steele, Truth Ignited

This is a MUCH needed message for the Body of Messiah today, showing how The Bible does not demean and dehumanize woman as many have said in recent history. Here are some statements from the book that jumped out at me as I read it:

“A woman in the ancient world would have welcomed the supervision and protection of her husband/father in legal and religious matters. Modern feminists make a mistake when they arrogantly impose their own feelings and cultural biases onto ancient women.” —Page 19

“The fact that God worked through fallen people—and indeed continues to work through every believer despite our many flaws—is not an argument that God approves of the behavior.” —Page 66

“The truth is that the Bible, like women, has often suffered from the abuse of men. In many ways, the Bible has been misinterpreted and used to oppress women. When modern feminists complain about Christianity, much of the time, they are reacting to the distorted, unbiblical version of it.” —Page 134

This book covers every aspect of where Scripture has been used to undermine, demean, belittle, and abuse women by religion. It answers the tough questions about polygamy, rape, women bought as property, and many other things discussed in Scripture—and typically misunderstood and misrepresented through misinterpretation of related biblical passages. I highly recommend getting and reading this book so you will have answers when the secularists, atheists, and even liberal so-called “Christians” come at you with attacks about The Bible. GET THIS BOOK!

Stan Randall, Torah Puppets

No, God is not a misogynist; and David Wilber, through exceptional research and presentation, does an amazing job of more than proving that point. Not only does he answer the question of God, but he thoroughly demonstrates that true, biblical Christianity is not only itself also not misogynistic, but far more “feminist” than modern secular feminism, and does far more to protect and uphold the rights and equality of women. Another hit out of the park for David Wilber!

John Diffenderfer, Author & Pastor

I’d highly recommend [Is God a Misogynist?] to everyone, especially those who may struggle to either understand or articulate the Bible’s positions regarding women’s rights, roles, and value. I usually find religious books to be either too dry or too cringy, but this one is pitch-perfect. It’s highly researched/sourced, comprehensive, and intelligent but somehow remains short and really easy to read.

Sarah Hawkes Valente, Author & Blogger

If you have teenage daughters, you must insist that they read this book. If you have teenage sons, you must require them to read it. In my opinion, which I will state not so humbly when it comes to this matter, this book is essential reading. I rarely put that label on anything but Scripture. However, when a book like this comes along that can help us to read the hard things in Scripture through a filter much more accurate than our modern eyes, it is absolutely imperative that we accept the help it offers.

Read Sarah’s entire review here.

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